How Many Knives Out Movies Will There Be?

There will be two “Knives Out” sequels. The creator confirmed a total of three movies will be made.

The critically acclaimed mystery film “Knives Out” is set to have not just one but a total of three movies in the franchise. After the success of the first film, director Rian Johnson confirmed that two sequels are in the works, making fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the story.

With a star-studded cast, engaging plot, and clever twists, the “Knives Out” series is poised to become a beloved modern mystery franchise. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming installments that promise to deliver more suspense, humor, and mystery for viewers to enjoy.

How Many Knives Out Movies Will There Be?


1. Background

Knives Out was a massive success both critically and commercially, leaving fans eager for more of the thrilling mystery franchise. Director Rian Johnson, known for his masterful storytelling, has exciting plans for the future of Knives Out. The success of the first movie has paved the way for multiple sequels, with Johnson expressing his interest in turning Knives Out into a franchise akin to Agatha Christie’s works. Although no specific details have been revealed yet, fans can expect to dive deeper into the world of detective Benoit Blanc as he unravels more intriguing cases. With Johnson’s talent for crafting clever and suspenseful narratives, audiences can anticipate more thrilling twists, memorable characters, and compelling mysteries to come. As the Knives Out franchise continues to captivate audiences, fans can look forward to immersing themselves in even more high-stakes and suspenseful stories in the future.

2. Knives Out Sequel Announcement

The Knives Out franchise is set to continue with the announcement of a sequel. The sequel is confirmed and eagerly awaited by fans. The film boasts a star-studded ensemble cast, including Daniel Craig and other talented actors. Plot details have been revealed, heightening excitement for the upcoming movie.

3. Production And Release Updates

The production and release updates for the “Knives Out” movie franchise have confirmed that there will be two more sequels following the original film. Fans can anticipate the expansion of the captivating mystery series as the franchise continues to grow.

3. Production and Release Updates
3.1 Start of production: The filming of the third Knives Out movie has officially begun.
3.2 Covid-19 impact: Production faced delays due to the pandemic but is now back on track.
3.3 Release date speculation: Fans eagerly await news on the official release date.
How Many Knives Out Movies Will There Be?


4. Franchise Potential

The Knives Out movies franchise has potential for expansion through cinematic universe. Spin-offs and character arcs add depth and intrigue. Audience response drives demand for more films.

5. Director’s Vision For The Series

There are currently no definitive plans for “Knives Out” sequels, but Rian Johnson has expressed interest in exploring different characters and scenarios. His approach involves creating new mysteries and incorporating a blend of suspense and humor. Johnson aims to maintain the signature tone of the original film while introducing fresh elements to keep the series engaging. He intends to expand the universe from the first movie, potentially exploring new settings and introducing diverse characters. The director is dedicated to maintaining the core themes of the franchise while pushing the boundaries to deliver compelling storytelling.

6. Cast And Character Expectations

When it comes to the cast and character expectations for the Knives Out movies, fans are eagerly waiting to see who will be returning and any new additions to the ensemble. Rian Johnson, the writer and director of the first film, has confirmed that there will be a total of two sequels to continue the story of the brilliant detective Benoit Blanc.

In terms of the cast, it has been confirmed that Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as Blanc in both sequels. However, it’s still uncertain which other actors from the first film will be returning. Fans are excited to see potential character developments, with hopes of exploring more of Blanc’s backstory and his eccentricities.

As for fan theories and speculation, there are plenty of ideas floating around about the direction the sequels will take. Some believe that the films could delve into Benoit Blanc’s personal life or introduce completely new storylines and characters. Until more information is released, fans can only eagerly anticipate the next installments of the Knives Out series.

7. Critical And Box Office Reception

Knives Out has received critical acclaim from both audiences and critics. The film has been praised for its clever plot, expertly crafted screenplay, and stellar ensemble cast. It has been hailed as a modern whodunit that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats till the very end. Rian Johnson’s masterful direction and the film’s sharp dialogue have been highly lauded. Additionally, Knives Out has been a box office success, grossing over $300 million worldwide. The film’s captivating storyline and intriguing characters have resonated with audiences around the globe. Moreover, Knives Out has also received numerous awards recognition, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Its critical and commercial success has sparked speculation about potential sequels or spin-offs. While there is no official confirmation on the number of Knives Out movies, fans can expect more thrilling mysteries in the future.

How Many Knives Out Movies Will There Be?



So, how many more Knives Out movies can we expect? The future seems promising as the success of the first movie has sparked interest in creating a franchise. With an enthusiastic fanbase and talented creators on board, it’s safe to say that the answer is, “Definitely more to come!”

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